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Additional Service Options

When you need to optimize your board’s efficiency and resources, flexibility is key. At Community Association Management, we address your association’s unique needs with à la carte HOA and COA management services. 

Pick and choose the tools and features that are most helpful to your community. No matter which you choose, they’ll be fully supported by our team of credentialed staff members ready to support you.

Rental Cap Management

There’s a reason why board members wince at the words “rental cap management.” Managing these can become a huge administrative headache. Yet noncompliance with Federal Housing Administration (FHA)  rental caps can interfere with potential buyers seeking FHA loans. 

We can help. We manage and assist in rental cap enforcement for you. In addition, we can maintain approved rental waiting lists and perform background and criminal checks for potential tenants.

Capital Project Management Services

Our company is led by former HOA board members who have firsthand experience with association capital projects. We understand and empathize with clients over the wide range of concerns and pitfalls that come with such projects, from budgets to schedules.

Having a third-party company that provides independent oversight, vet contractors, and offer guidance for your capital projects allows you to get the most out of your investment and ensure things go as smoothly as possible. This will make everyone happy, from your board to your homeowners. 

FHA Project Approval Facilitation

Did you know over 80% of first-time homebuyers use FHA loans to purchase their homes? To make sure your HOA or condo association maintains ideal marketability and attracts great homeowners, it’s more important than ever to be FHA-approved.

Our specialists have extensive and up-to-date training in the facilitation of FHA project approvals. We also offer support in HUD approval, allowing you to avoid preventable errors in the documentation process so you can allocate your resources more efficiently and remain desirable to potential buyers. 

Credit Reporting Services

Delinquencies drain time and resources from important tasks and create tension between your board and homeowners. Decrease your delinquency rates, mitigate assessment increases, and  improve your association’s cash flow with Community Association Management’s credit reporting services.

We offer credit industry-standard collection tools that incentivize on-time payments, rewarding timely residents while offering clear consequences for late payments. This service, which consistently lowers the rates of late payments, saves board members time, energy, and money. 

Online Voting

It is our pleasure to introduce our latest product offering HOAst. HOAst is an online e-voting system that will enable homeowners to vote on important issues relative to their association. Listed below are a few of the highlights and major features of this new service.


  • Stay up to date with the latest voting topics & results.
  • Ability to cast your vote remotely or from the comfort of your own home.
  • Single Sign-on from the existing association website provided by us
  • Email notifications to confirm your vote has been counted.


  • HOAst is a fully integrated platform which will eliminate the need to update homeowner information.
  • Ability to have voting as many times per year as necessary. No limit.
  • Access to real-time voting results and quorum.
  • Reduction in mailing expenses.


If you would like to see a short demo of the homeowner voting experience, click Here

Traditional Reserve Studies

As a HOA board member, you’re expected to evaluate and meet ongoing property needs while anticipating future needs as well. Maintaining adequate reserve funds is essential to cover your community’s costs—not to mention, to alleviate your residents’ concerns.

A well-prepared reserve study by Community Association Management helps you ensure you have the funds to cover current and future property needs. We prepare reserve studies with the input of building construction engineers and accredited industry reserve-study professionals (RS or PRA) to build confidence in your reserve funds.

Living Reserve Studies

Better tools so boards can make better decisions.  Traditional reserve studies are complicated and quickly become inaccurate once they are prepared.  That means the only thing your funding plans are guaranteed to be is outdated. We’ve revolutionized the traditional reserve study through modern technology and first-of-its-kind real-time monitoring. Our specialized capital planning tool is designed to help communities right-size their reserve fund contributions by turning a traditional static reserve study into a living document. We provide a platform to plan intelligently based on real-time data so you don’t have to make unrealistic demands of your homeowners.


Clubhouse Rental Management

We can make clubhouse rental management one of the easiest parts of your job as a HOA board member. By delegating relevant tasks to us—from handling rental applications and inspections to delivering keys and collecting fees—you’ll free your time for other duties.

Outside Pool Membership Sales Management

Are you interested in creating a new revenue stream for your community? Selling non-resident memberships to community pools can be an excellent way to boost income for HOAs and POAs. But many board members hesitate to do so because they understand how facilitating sales and tracking members can be time-consuming tasks.

Outside Pool Membership Management allows you to outsource that work to our team. We help you turn a potential new stream of income into reality by handling calls, fees, and even delivering pool passes—leaving board members and residents plenty of time to enjoy the pool (and surplus fees).

Condo Move In/Move Out Service

Not only do residents dread moving into or out of an interior corridor condominium, condos can dread it, too. As people haul furniture and large boxes throughout the halls, property damage to common areas can result. As people begin or end their utilities, unfamiliar people enter the property.

We provide a win/win solution. By providing residents with elevator pads, secure utility and cable provider access, and damage inspections, we win them over with the help they need when they need it. At the same time, we protect properties from incidental damage and ensure that the only people in your halls are people who should be there.

Gate and Pool Access Management

Calls about lost keys or gate access never come at convenient times. They seem to come late at night or during weekends or on holidays. Let us save you the hassle of round-the-clock requests by serving as your single point of contact for residents. When they lose their pool key or can’t access the pool, they’ll call us. We’ll handle it. You get to protect your community’s safety while protecting your time.

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