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HOA Websites

The Power of HOA Websites

A bad website doesn’t create a tech problem. It creates a neighborhood problem.

On the other hand, an effective, user-friendly website helps create a community of highly informed, engaged, dues-paying neighbors—not to mention efficient boards. It gives neighbors easy ways to learn what’s new and to engage with each other and the board. At a time when many neighbors don’t have enough time to form close relationships with each other, these sites can play a vital role in community cohesion and activity.

Yet many HOA sites are poorly developed, with confusing user experience, inadequate security, and a lack of practical features. Even if they’re beautiful, many HOA sites aren’t helpful.

We take pride in our award-winning website development capabilities. We’ve seen what a difference our HOA websites make in communities. Our websites enable convenient, fast communication. They signal to board members, residents, lenders, and potential owners that your association is skilled, capable, and active. 

The Power of HOA Websites

We’ve integrated our award-winning association management platform with website development. The site becomes a part of your package, working in conjunction with the services and features you need. Here’s what this gives you:

    • Access to association management software that makes your daily tasks easier to manage and delegate
    • A website with great usability, functionality, security, and compatibility – not to mention a compelling design
    • A central location of accurate information, helping everyone stay up-to-date
    • Ongoing support from a team of professionals who provide helpful troubleshooting

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Top Features and Functionality

Many HOAs develop their own websites, often combining off-the-shelf tools for web development, email distribution, HOA account billing, and directories. Often, these tools don’t work together, leaving information separated into silos and creating duplicate work.

We understand the needs of HOAs, including the importance of making a great first impression on potential owners while serving current residents. We’ve been members of HOA boards ourselves; we know the challenges and frustrations that come with the job. That’s why our team provides website functionality that helps your team work efficiently.

We offer:

  • Board member portal access
  • Homeowner access to account information, including current balances and online payment options via eCheck or Credit card (with optional automatic recurring payments)
  • Homeowner choice: Owners can choose to receive statements by mail or email 
  • Access to the status of architectural (ARC) requests, reviews, and approvals
  • Ability to create and track work orders for HOA-owned items, including structures, sidewalks, amenities and more
  • Community news features, including a calendar of events
  • Access to community governing documents, policies, and other important literature
  • Resident, board, and committee directories
  • Ability to send notifications via email distribution lists and SMS text messaging

We include these features into a site that’s customized to reflect the distinct feel and aesthetic of your community. You choose what works—and looks—best for you.

The Homeowner Mobile App

Community Association Management also offers the My HOA App. This app enables homeowners to access all the relevant information they need to manage their accounts, stay current on their dues, and remain updated on the latest news about your community.

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