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Recent Posts by Derek Greene

A Focus on Budgets

In practically every discussion of topics related to HOA governance, it is important to remember that one size does not fit all.  Association type, size and complexity all contribute to the application of best practices. Consider how the following factors can define the simplicity or complexity of budget preparation. Read more

Community Management: Quality First

In any service-based industry, the customer experience is paramount. If the client feels that his or her expectations haven't been met, it's a problem. Worse, if the client doesn't receive at a minimum the products and services they've paid for, it's a big problem. The ways in which we do what we do, and the...
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Are membership lists public?

newsQ: Our HOA has never made public the names and addresses for its members. Are we bound by North Carolina law to make this information available to all members of the HOA? There is nothing in our covenants or bylaws that addresses this issue, and we...
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