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Being a HOA board member can be a rewarding and fulfilling experience, but it is not without its challenges. Often many board members don’t realize exactly what they have volunteered for. It’s often said that being an association board member is the only job that you’ll ever have that has no formal education requirements for obtaining a position and has no built-in training program to help you learn as you go!

Over the years we have compiled hundreds of articles and practical advice for Homeowners, Condominium, Town-home and Property Owners Association Board Members and their Volunteer Leadership. We have made this information available to help keep your homeowner or condominium association up-to-date with common interest community laws*. It is our goal that this FREE information will help prevent and resolve conflicts in your community and make management of your association easier, saving you money, time and headaches . . .

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* These articles and related content on this website are provided without warranty of any kind and in no way consitute or provide legal advice. You are advised to contact an attorney specializing in Association Management for legal advice related to your specific issue and community. Some articles are provided by third parties and online services. Display of these articles does in no way endorse the products or services of Community Association Management by the author(s).
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