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So let me ask you, how do you clean out your roll-out garbage can?  Or better yet, DO you clean your roll-out garbage can? Does it smell so bad you have to hold your nose every time you open it?

            If you do clean it yourself: Do you just put some bleach in the can, give it a good brushing and then rinse it out on the driveway?  That’s a real bummer for the eco-system.

We may have found a simple and inexpensive solution to the problem. Doug Martin has developed a brilliant business concept called Cleaner-Can.cleaner-can-logo2

            Cleaner-Can is a self-contained process that’s eco friendly and, drum roll please – inexpensive.  The process is really rather simple. Once you sign up for service you’re asked to leave your can at the curb the day of garbage pickup.  Cleaner-Can comes by, and a large claw grasps your pail, flips it upside down and pulls it into the back of the truck.

            While suspended upside down it is washed with high powered nozzles, degreased, sanitized and deodorized – inside and out- with biodegradable, EPA registered products.

Think of it as a mini car wash.

The dirty water is stored in a separate tank where it is disposed of via a waste water treatment facility.

Any large debris is collected in a grill at the bottom of the truck, bagged and taken to the dump.

Your clean garbage pail is then dried and put back at your curb with a hang tag indicating it has been cleaned (not that you couldn’t figure it out by the shine and clean smell).  Plus, you don’t get a citation for violating city water restrictions!

Doug recently demonstrated the technique on my personal garbage can and in less than 5 minutes start to finish, my can was squeaky clean and fresh smelling! 

This may be an amenity that you would like to offer your homeowners once or twice per year.  If you would like to see it in action, or discuss the service for your community, please contact Doug Martin with Cleaner-Can directly at 704-321-4249 or www.cleanercan.com . (Service in NC & SC)  Entire community discounts have been negotiated and are available – simply mention we are your management company when you call.