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Super Bowl of the HOA!


Secondly, the HOA must create a budget. Money matters! The way the funds are received, dispensed, and how the results are shown is a matter of great consequence. In this age of decreasing home financial appreciation, the budget of the HOA is a serious matter. There are those who don’t like the cost of HOA assessments, but when one participates in the process of creating a budget he or she will appreciate the importance. They will come to understand how it maintains a stable community, and increases home values.

Third, the HOA must review projects that have been undertaken and those that must be considered for the coming year(s). The HOA leaders must be careful in this process. It is always easy for those in leadership to give themselves some slack when it comes to projects that have not turned out the way they should, or the way they were expected. Honest assessment of success and failure is helpful during this process. Politicians are known for putting “spin” on every situation in order to make themselves look good before the public. HOA leaders must avoid “spin control” and assess performance based on facts. Laying out plans for the future will help budget properly and will keep the community moving forward. We have all seen communities that have begun to decline, and the fault for that often lies at the feet of the HOA leadership. Care must be taken not to let that happen.

Lastly, the HOA leadership should review the suggestions made by the homeowners when making decisions about leadership, budget, and projects. Listening is important in every area of life and the HOA is no different. In one of the first Super Bowl games played, Coach Vince Lombardi was not sure what to do. A player told the great coach that he was sure they could score if he were allowed to try. Lombardi listened to the player. The game resulted in a win! The coach was known for his hard-nosed approach to the game and he is remembered to this day as an iconic football personality. He was not too big or too important to listen to one of his players, however. HOA leaders need to listen as well. The leaders can’t do everything suggested, nor should they, but listening can make you a winner in the HOA Super Nowl if you have the wisdom to listen and act on good advice.