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Communication with Residents

Board members have certain responsibilities that they owe a community association, among these responsibilities is the duty to keep an open line of communication with residents.  However, this often opens the door to harassing phone calls and emails. 
Board members should consider having a separate email account dedicated to association business to aid in protecting their privacy.  There is no obligation to make cell phone or home phone numbers available, unless so desired.  Association board members are volunteers who work hard for no compensation, but they still have to fulfill their obligations to the association and its members. 
The Board should consider adopting a communication policy outlining when responses to email inquiries will be issued and to whom the residents should address their particular questions.  When a homeowner begins harassing board members, all communication should be handled in writing and should preferably “cc” another board member for transparency purposes.  Threatening emails need not be responded to, as they may further inflame homeowners.
Consistency and transparency are key in maintaining positive board and member relationships.  With a policy in place, board members will be more comfortable dealing with association members.
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Authors: Ryan McCabe

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