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Get input before you start changing the parking rules

(Michael Hunter) Q. For more than 10 years, one resident of our condo complex has parked his company-owned three-axle vehicle in the parking lot at nights and on weekends. Now another resident is parking a three-axle vehicle on premises. Suddenly, a few of our residents are up in arms about three-axle vehicles. After so many years of allowing such vehicles to be parked, what would be the possible repercussions of amending our rules to ban the parking of these vehicles?

For most condominiums, the parking areas are considered “common elements” – for the use of all owners and their guests and tenants. The condo association’s board has the authority to adopt rules and regulations governing the use of common areas, and that includes rules governing what types of vehicles may be stored in the common-area parking lot.

Authors: CharlotteObserver.com: Michael Hunter

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