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What to Ask a Lawyer When Starting a Business

(Note: use the arrows on your keyboard to fast forward and rewind the video.)

I sat down with Dave Lorenzo on the Inside BS Show to discuss what business owners should consider when hiring an attorney and the importance of having a team of subject matter experts available to help when needs arise. During my conversation with Dave, I answer several questions regarding how I engage with clients and what business owners need to know when dealing with legal issues impacting their business, including:

  • Do I need a lawyer to start a business?
  • Should I work with a litigator of a transactional attorney?
  • What questions should I ask a lawyer before I hire her?

Check out the interview for the answers to these questions and more. You can use the timestamps below to navigate through the interview:

00:00 – What to Ask a Lawyer When Starting a Business

01:47 – Business Lawyer Profile: How do you become a business lawyer?

02:22 – What is the biggest challenge you face as a business lawyer?

03:40 – What challenges do you face related to the law and COVID?

05:24 Why is it important to work with a lawyer who knows litigation as well as transactional work?

06:47 What is the definition of Complex Commercial Litigation?

08:00 Why your attorney must ask the right questions when you are a business start-up.

09:53 Do I need a lawyer to start a business?

11:48 How do you protect trade secrets when you hire employees?

14:53 How to get business clients as a lawyer

16:16 How to use LinkedIn and Blogs for law firm marketing.

18:00 Examples of strategic alliance marketing for law firm business development

19:40 How do I find the right lawyer for my small business?

21:18 What unique insight has being a general counsel given you as a business lawyer?

24:36 What is the biggest challenge for a small business owner in working with a lawyer?

26:33 How to get in touch with a business lawyer

Questions about this or any other legal matter, please contact Sarah at  Sarah.Sawyer@offitkurman.com.

Author: Sarah Sawyer, Esq.
Articles have been Reprinted with permission from the charlotte observer and Mike Hunter.

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