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Cleaning Your Driveway Shouldn’t Be A Chore

It is truly a frustrating feeling to have when you get these letters in your mailbox. You may think to yourself “who are these scoundrels to impose on me how to keep my house”. After all they are mailing you communications in regard to the oil spots on your driveway…

Here you’ll discover some tips you can utilize to keep the oil stains off of your driveway:

1. If your car drips oil, be sure to either get the leak repaired or don’t park your car on your driveway.

2. If you just got an oil change, park your vehicle on your street the first night after the oil change.

3. If you can not afford to get your car fixed, then pick up an oil capture pan from Autozone or something
and place it under your vehicle.

4. If you notice fresh oil on your driveway at all, be sure to get some oil absorbent on top of it right away.

5. You can seal your driveway with a concrete sealer to stop future oil stains from penetrating into the pours of the concrte.

I hope these quick tips help you with keeping your HOA off of your case and the oil stains from staining your driveway.

Also, if you need to buy yourself some time to keep the HOA off of your back because you don’t have a whole lot of time to be dealing with your driveway issues, just write them a quick letter and let them know you will have it cleaned in just a few weeks or so when you get some extra money or time. They must to accept it. It shows them you are well aware of the situation and are going to take care of it asap.