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All about HOA rules


Each and every HOA is formed in accordance with the legal procedures and recognized by the law. The association has adequate powers to enforce strict compliance of the rules and regulations formulated and adopted by the HOA. These associations are so powerful that it has the right to evict the resident through proper legal proceeding in case of repeated violation. Well laid out and enforceable HOA rules are in the interests of all its members. One can imagine the kind of chaos that would prevail if there are no such rules. The HOA rules are drafted and finalized keeping the interests of all the members who have their roof in the development.

The HOA rules applicable to your development may not allow for beautification of the exterior of your house. It may not even allow for pets or more than one parking space for your vehicle. It is inclusions and exclusions of such type that make it very important for an individual to study and understand the implications of the HOA rules applicable for the development in which one is proposing to buy a property. Check out for your self whether you are comfortable and can abide by the HOA rules of the development. Talk to a few members living in the development to have firsthand impression of all the positives and negatives that the HOA rules have in store for you. You might come to a conclusion that the HOA rules shall restrict your choices and curb your freedom. If this be the case, it is best avoided to buy into this development and look out for another development to suit your lifestyle. HOA rules are to encourage community living with peaceful coexistence amongst all the residents. Abiding by these rules would go a long way in making your development a better and a friendlier place to live in.