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Billing and Collections

Billing and CollectionsBilling_Collections

 Comprehensive, efficient and systematic collections process

  • Embedded best practices from the collections industry
  • Monthly Account Statements via US mail or eMail
  • Works in conjunction with the community’s specific collections procedures and collections attorneys
  • Collection process is systematically more aggressive as the delinquency continues
  • Minimizes expenditures for collection of accounts that may be resolved by bankruptcy or lender foreclosure

 Consistent and uniform approach

  • Owners have the incentive to pay their assessments on time to avoid additional charges
  • Owners in default receive progressively stringent notices
  • Payment plans are offered and enforced
  • Uncollectible issues are referred to the association’s attorney for legal action
  • Community Association Management is successful in significantly lowering overall delinquency rates for client communities
  • Real-time web-based access to all delinquency reports via the board portal

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