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Custom HOA Handbooks

Custom HOA Handbooks

bindersHow many times have you wished for a “how to guide” when it comes to navigating the waters of your community management? Wouldn’t such a book be helpful in initiating new members to the community guidelines and ensuring continuity from year to year?

At Community Association Management, we heard these sentiments time and time again from our customers. We responded with the introduction of our Homeowner’s Association Director’s Survival Kits. With this program you can create professional and personalized materials at the fraction of the cost of hiring a consultant.

How does it work? Simple. Fill out a few online forms and answer some questions about the specific operations of your community. Within a few days you’ll receive customized association documents in a PDF format for review. Once you are satisfied with the content, you’ll receive fully editable documents that you can print and organize into professionally designed custom binders that we provide as part of your kit. You’ll have documents customized for reference for residents as well as committees and directors.


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