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Self Managed Solutions


We get it.

At Community Association Management, we understand that by choosing to self-manage your community, you have undertaken a very large responsibility. Since many board members have families, jobs and busy lives many find that they do not have the time to perform the work required, and to stay abreast of changing laws, allowing them to effectively maintain the association.

Let’s take a quiz:

Did you know that your Association is a Non-Profit Corporation under state law, and must comply with both Federal and State laws on how accounting records, mandatory reporting and other mundane tasks are managed?

  • Did you know that your Association must file a yearly federal and state tax return?
  • Did you know that legally you can’t publish a “deadbeat” list of delinquent homeowners or unit owners?
  • Did you know that your condominium association must be FHA approved before potential buyers can qualify for a loan?
  • Did you know FHA approval must be renewed every two years?
  • Did you know that Associations are legally required to maintain general liability and other forms of insurance?

Until recently condominium and community associations have had two options available to help with the management of their communities: hire a full service management company or purchase “tools” from an online provider.

Sure, many other local or online companies offer basic HOA accounting solutions, or websites, but what about your Association’s work order management, Violation Management or Architectural Compliance?   Who can your board turn to for advice should they have questions about a specific issue or the operation of the Association?

computerSelfManagedNo other management company in our region understands and serves self-managed HOA’s like we do. In fact, our unique company structure was created with the self-managed community in mind. We call it eManageSuite™.

eManageSuite™ has a simple focus but far-reaching effects. It is years ahead of anything else available in the market. It is designed to:

  • Reduce the workload of board members
  • Improve communication on all levels
  • Save time and money
  • and more

Far beyond the web sites offered by our competitors, our eManageSuite™ is a suite of powerful and intuitive productivity tools that streamline the work of running an association. Board members who use our eManageSuite™ commonly reduce the time they spend on HOA management tasks by 75% or more! It’s hard to argue with stats like that.

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