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Our Staff

Back Row (Left to Right)

Chad Sevearance, Paul Tuckwiller, Zach Brimigion, Margie Thompkins, Tricia Curtis, Melinda Heideman, Bryan Zweier, Scott Henrique, Christine Breslin, Sue Tarleton, Chad Provost, Richard Parris

Front Row (Left to Right)

Martin Stinson, John Hart, Lee Grant, Staci Green, Annie Houston, Melissa Parker, Jessica Cureton, Gerrie Martin, Sabrina Caldwell, Alex Cooley, Amanda Price, Derek Greene

Staff by Department

Richard Parris (Operations), Derek Greene (CEO), Chad Sevearance (HR), Martin Stinson (Sales)

Back Row: (left to right) Lee Grant, Paul Tuckwiller, Zach Brimigion, Brian Zweier. 

Front Row: Amanda Price, Staci Green, Annie Houston, Jessica Cureton

Tricia Curtis, Margie Thompkins, Melissa Parker, Melinda Heideman (Dept. Mgr)

John Hart, Alex Cooley (Dept. Mgr), Sue Tarleton, Sabrina Caldwell

Scott Henrique, Tricia Curtis, Gerrie Martin, Christine Breslin, Chad Provost, Nate Turner (not shown)