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Cline & Company

Community Association Management joins forces with Cline & Company

Community Association Management is proud to announce our aquisition of Cline & Company. Community Association Management, headquartered in Charlotte, N.C., is a leading property management company serving community associations throughout North and South Carolina.

While the Cline & Company name is changing, the same personal service you have come to expect from us is not.  On the contrary, by joining forces with Community Association Management, we can now provide you with an enhanced level of service, and innovative products & services not previously available to the communities we served.

One Team, Twice as Strong.

As a leader in your community association, you want the very best for your community. Beautiful yards and streets. A safe, well-maintained environment for your family and your neighbors. A feeling of pride shared by the entire community — all glad to call your community home.  

Naturally your property management company should meet these expectations and share your high standards. For 35 years, Cline & Company has cared as much about your communities as the homeowners themselves. Now we usher in a new era by joining together with an equally committed and experienced company to enhance your level of service.

You and your neighbors will now enjoy the complementary strengths of both companies, a true win-win for all. Cline & Company has built an exceptional reputation after 35 years of highly personal customer service and attention to detail. Community Association Management adds innovative services, products and ideas to an already successful formula. We have combined to form the ideal property management company.

Community Management Association’s customized solutions, developed in collaboration with you and your fellow board members, meet the community’s needs now while providing the flexibility to meet the needs of the future. We are here to grow with you, your family, your neighbors and your community.

While the name is changing, your expectations should not. The entire team at Community Association Management looks forward to continuing a successful and enduring partnership with you and your community.