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NC Legislative Update

The North Carolina legislature is back in session and there are numerous bills that have been introduced that impact homeowners associations. The following is summary of the legislation that has been introduced as of 21 March and the Legislative Action Committee’s (LAC) positions on each (SB=Senate Bill, HB=House Bill).
SB 373 “Community Associations Managers Licensing Act”. This is the same bill that the LAC has been trying to get passed for several sessions. It will be introduced today by Senator Apodaca, and the LAC urges your support.

HB 183 would make it illegal for homeowners associations to use foreclosure as a collection tool under any circumstances. While this bill has a slim chance of passage, the LAC will continue to monitor it, as it would have a devastating effect on homeowners associations and condos in NC. The LAC urges you to write your senator and house member against this bill.

HB 165 is the legislation that has been introduced as a result of the hearings of the House Select Committee on Home Owners Associations. While well intended, the additional regulations and reporting requirements of this legislation will create undue hardships for homeowners associations and condo communities and the LAC urges its defeat in its current form.

HB 282 would prohibit homeowners associations from controlling the installation of solar and water saving devices in homeowners associations. While this bill is unlikely to pass, the LAC will continue to monitor this bill and opposes it, should it move forward.

To find and contact your house member, go to http://www.ncga.state.nc.us/house/house.html.

To find and contact your senator, go to http://www.ncga.state.nc.us/Senate/Senate.html.
If you wish to review any of the bills discussed above, go to:  http://www.ncga.state.nc.us/Legislation/Legislation.html.
We encourage each of you to take time to get involved in the legislative process.

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