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NC Legislative Update

In addition, the Legislature appointed a House Select Committee on Homeowner Associations which held its first meeting on January 13, 2010.  The Committee has held five meetings.  The February 2nd meeting was a public hearing for the purpose of receiving comments.  In addition to HOA-NC, there were 39 other speakers who spoke on a variety of issues.  The Committee has one more scheduled meeting on April 14th. before making recommendations.
In the seven years since www.HOA-NC.com was launched, the number of homeowner associations has increased from 11,000 to 17,000.  With this growth comes pressure from many organizations.  This includes banks that want to protect their rights to first lien, realtors that may oppose more stringent HOA disclosure statements, community managers that have interests in mandatory licensing, developers who want to protect their declarant powers, and the solar industry that wants to void covenant restrictions for solar alternatives.  Association boards should expect each of these organizations to flex their political muscle as the legislative process moves into action.  
I encourage association board members to do four things.

Become familiar with the issues by reading the following articles: House Bill 762 and House Select Committee on Homeowner Associations (remember, you must log into the site to view articles)
Know your legislators and express your concerns.
Become a member of HOA-NC.  We offer both paid and free memberships.  This is important because HOA-NC cannot speak for all 17,000 North Carolina associations, but we can poll our members on the issues and communicate your agenda.

We all know friends and associates that either live in communities with homeowner associations or serve on their association boards.  Please forward this email and encourage them to visit www.hoa-nc.com and register.  It’s the only way we can spread the word and help keep association boards informed.Court of Appeals Affirms Trial Court Ruling Enforcing Restrictive Covenants and Imposing Fines on Owners

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