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New Federal Lead Based Paint Rules

Houses/Units built before 1978 could contain the toxic metal

  • When Considering contractors, ask to see their lead-safe training certificate.  
  • Contractors are required to provide you a copy of the EPA’s new lead fact booklet, titled “Renovate Right.”  
  • North Carolina runs its own certification program and has a list of certified renovators at www.epi.state.nc.us/epi/lead/accredited.cfm Some certified renovators may not yet be on the list.  
  • South Carolina does not run its own certication program, so to find a lead-certified contractor in S.C. go to www.epa.gov/lead and on the right side of the page, click on “Certified Firms Near you”.  
  • Make sure your contract is clear about how the work will be set up, performed and cleaned.  Work areas should not be accessable to homeowners or their pets, and HVAC systems should be turned off while the work is underway.  The work area must be contained, dust minimized and the area cleaned daily.  At the end, the workers must use a HEPA vacuum to clean dust and follow that with wet mopping using plenty of rinse water.  
  • You can specify in your contract that a lead-dust test will be done after the job, and if the site fails the test, require the area to be re-cleaned and re-tested.  
  • More info: www.epa.gov/lead or call the EPA hotline at 800-424-5323.

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