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Pending NC Pool Legislation

As you know, new pool requirements went into effect this year regarding the height and spacing of public pool fences.  Currently if the fencing does not meet the new requirements, a pool permit will not be issued by the county to allow it to be opened for this season.
n response to this, a bill (S.B. 368) is expected to be introduced to the North Carolina Senate on Tuesday March 22nd 2011. The bill will prohibit pool permits from being denied to pools previously permitted solely because the fence does not meet dimensional requirements and will eliminate the requirement for dressing and sanitary facilities at interactive water play attractions.  Pool owners will still be required to provide required fences and permits will still be denied for problems with gates and other entrances through the barrier if the bill passes.
Until the legislation passes the local health departments will enforce the current regulations.   However, it is believed that this legislation will pass and should do so prior to the start of the pool season.Attached is a copy of the senate bill.

Attachment: NC Senate Bill 368

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