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Announcing the release of our online ARC Approval System!

 In an effort to better serve your homeowners and avoid lingering Architectural requests and ARC approval letter, we have created a new system to better track and decision Architectural requests for your community.ARC Approval Letter | Community Management

Each committee member may now go to your association’s website and review the request at their leisure.  Once they have reviewed the request, they may enter notes, comments or questions on the request.  An e-mail update will be sent to all ARC committee members to notify them of your input.  Each Member can also view the recommendation from your property manager and committee member notes about the request from the website as they review the request and add their own comments.

After all committee members have had an opportunity to review and comment on the ARC request, the ARC Chairman or designated backup will enter the final decision into the review screen submitting the final decision to Community Association Management for final processing.

Once we receive your instructions, we will process the approval or denial letter with any conditions or instructions you provided and mail it to the homeowner within one business day.

We have developed both an instructional video and instruction guide to assist you in utilizing this new process.

Please note to access this module, you must be designated as an ARC member and/or a request approver within our system AND be registered to use the website. 

Please fill out the Committee Form and return it to your property manager no later than February 28th.  We will begin processing all Architectural requests using this method beginning March 1st.