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Category Archives: HOA Websites

Does Your Association Have a Social Media Policy?

Today’s associations understand the need to convey, and even over-communicate, important information to their members.  To that end, some associations have jumped into the cyberworld with their own Facebook and/or Twitter pages.  Before jumping in with both feet, however, associations should consider adopting a social media policy.  Before putting together such a policy, the board should consider the following:

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Commit to Communication

There is more than a verbal tie between the words common, community and communication.” When philosopher and educator John Dewey wrote this, I doubt he had common-interest communities in mind, but perhaps nowhere is his observation more appropriate. Good communication promotes informed decision making and educates residents-two elements association’s success. In fact, my guess is that just about any problem in a community association can be traced to a complete or partial lack of communication. 

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Reward vs. Risk – Internet & HOA

Reward vs. Risk – Internet Makes Associations More Efficient and Increases Risk
By: Nena Groskind

All of these new and not-so-new innovations offer an array of benefits – cost-savings, operating efficiencies and improved communication among them. But they also create a panoply of risks that association boards need to recognize, manage and often insure against.

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