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Category Archives: Reserves

The Benefits of a Living Reserve Study for HOAs


For HOAs, planning and budgeting for future maintenance and replacement costs is essential. Due to the condo collapse at Surfside in Florida there is a national focus on the integrity of buildings and the need for reserve studies and proper asset management. Lenders are starting to require such reports...

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What Goes Up … Must Break Down

ElevatorElevators may be the most complicated and expensive asset in your building. Fix your contract, know the basics and minimize legal risks before your community finds itself out of order. The passenger elevators in a 90-year-old, 62-unit, 16-story condominium complex in Chicago were so small and vintage...
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Nuts and Bolts: Water Ways

Storm WaterMany communities have some sort of stormwater management system – a lake, pond, wetland or dry retention basin – designed and constructed during initial development.  These stormwater systems help filter pollutants and manage the water runoff into surrounding streams, rivers, lakes, bays, the ocean or other waterways. Some stormwater...
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