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Category Archives: Board of Directors

What Does Our Management Company Do?

HOA Management CompanyHomeowners receive non-compliance notices from the management company. Homeowners send our assessment checks to the management company. Homeowners report common area maintenance problems to the management company. So, the management company makes all of the important decisions regarding our community, right? WRONG! The management function of a...
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End Reign

HOA Officers can be removedDoes your board president rule with an iron FIST? You don't have to put up with it. Dictators can be toppled. Maybe she's been running the association single-handedly forever. Or perhaps he's been a big shot in the business world and is certain the...
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Policy Resolutions

HOA_ResolutionIt has often been said that homeowners associations have their own version of the "Three R's":  Rules, Regulations, and Resolutions. More often than not, the policies of a particular HOA lie at the heart of conflicts and contention experienced by homeowners, Boards, and managers alike. Resolutions are...

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