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Category Archives: State Laws


Holly Smith feels sneaky.  Maybe it’s because so many FBI and other government investigators live in her Virginia neighborhood near Washington DC.

Behind her suburban home, near the trees and across from other tract dwellings, she hides a device resembling a pipe that stands in her back yard.  She’s so worried about being discovered that she doesn’t want her real name used for this article.

She fears her neighbors might get a glimpse of what she is doing – hanging her clothes outside to dry.

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SC Open Meeting Law

The issue of whether South Carolina HOAs (with respect to Board Meetings) are subject to the “open meeting law” is an often-asked question.  Following is an opinion on the issue, along with advice provided by one of our Chapter’s prominent HOA attorneys:

South Carolina does not have a statute which addresses Homeowner Associations of single family lots.  There is a statute which addresses condominiums known as the Horizontal! Property Regime Act References are made in this Act to the to the contents of the Bylaws as to the administration of condo regimes but they are broad and genera! statements without much detail The subject of “open meetings” is not addressed.

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