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HOA Management Cost Analysis

We serve our customers the same way they serve their communities: with integrity and transparency. We predict that you may get lower prices quoted from other management companies; we also predict that those prices won’t represent the true costs. Too many companies offer low initial estimates, then pile on extra fees along the way. The lowest quote you receive may become your priciest option.

We provide honest, clear prices up front. And not only do we want to offer you a good cost, we want to provide you with good value. You’ll understand exactly what services we’ll offer and what they cost. You won’t get surprises at billing time.

We’re confident in our pricing model because our customers stay with us, year after year—and they recommend our services to others, too. We are proud of our 97% client retention level, which is among the highest customer retention rates in the industry. 

We respect the financial decisions you face, so we make our costs transparent and easy to understand. We don’t inflate invoices with surprise fees or redundant charges for features you don’t need. We design services that streamline your operations. The resources you save are resources you can invest back into your community—and wouldn’t that be a great message to share with your neighbors?

As you shop for community association management services, we invite you to compare our compensation to the traditional models that you’ll find elsewhere. Are those models as flexible as ours? Are their fees as transparent? We’re confident we’ll look good in the comparison. 

Cost Comparison

Other Companies

Services bundled into one low monthly management fee


Charges ½ of late fees


Charges ½ of violation fines


Charges for Record Storage


($240.00 or more per year)

Charges for Architectural reviews


($25.00 ea)

Charges for Association Websites


($50 -100 per month)

Charges to monitor payment plans


($75.00 per month)

Adds 10% to cost of general work orders


Charges for faxes


Charges for internal copies


Charges for Deposit slips


Charges for Mileage


Charges for miscellaneous internal office supplies


Bank Charges (NSF Fees, account analysis fees, etc)


Payment Processing Fees charged to the Association(Credit Card, ACH, eCheck)


Charges for Board Meetings

($50.00 per hour over included number of meetings)

(over 2 hours $300.00)

Yearly Price increases

(tied to US Government Consumer price index for previous 12 months)

(Sky is the Limit)

Enhance Your HOA Management—and Save—with Community Association Management 

Building trust between board members and an HOA management company begins with transparency and dependability. We understand that hidden fees and unexpected costs can disrupt a board’s finances. Your community’s solvency makes the difference between having a clean, efficient, and vibrant neighborhood—or a mismanaged one full of unnecessary struggles and rifts.

If you’re looking for HOA management services in North Carolina or South Carolina, we invite you to explore our services and solutions with no risk to you. Call Community Association Management today at (888) 565-1226 for a free, no-pressure consultation, or get a custom quote.