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HOA Management Cost Analysis

By now you probably know that Community Association Management is different than other HOA management companies in our approach to service. So the next logical question, how do we compare on cost? We’re glad you asked.

Unlike our competitors, we do not inflate our invoices with additional monthly fees. We believe this type of compensation breeds mistrust between the board and the management company. Quite frankly, we don’t know anyone who enjoys surprises on their monthly invoices.

Below is a chart that pretty clearly shows the difference between our compensation model and the more ‘traditional’ compensation model employed by most of our competitors.

Cost Comparison

Other Companies

Services bundled into one low monthly management fee


Charges ½ of late fees


Charges ½ of violation fines


Charges for Record Storage


($240.00 or more per year)

Charges for Architectural reviews


($25.00 ea)

Charges for Websites


($50 -100 per month)

Charges to monitor payment plans


($75.00 per month)

Adds 10% to cost of general work orders


Charges for faxes


Charges for internal copies


Charges for Deposit slips


Charges for Mileage


Charges for miscellaneous internal office supplies


Bank Charges (NSF Fees, account analysis fees, etc)


Payment Processing Fees charged to the Association(Credit Card, ACH, eCheck)


Charges for Board Meetings

($50.00 per hour over included number of meetings)

(over 2 hours $300.00)

Yearly Price increases

(tied to US Government Consumer price index for previous 12 months)

(Sky is the Limit)

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