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Education for New Homeowners

Buying a first home: Generation after generation, it ranks among Americans’ biggest life goals. It’s a major financial investment, a sign of success.  Too many people, though, don’t anticipate what happens after the SOLD sign goes up. Even those who have purchased a home before may not know what comes next – especially if they’ve never lived in a home with an HOA before.  We often hear from frustrated clients who feel that homeowners don’t know what to expect when they purchase property within a homeowner’s association. They may be unclear about the HOA’s purpose, the role and duties of the property manager and board of directors, and the responsibilities and benefits of HOA living. That creates problems for both the homeowners and the association. We can help. 

Spread the Message of Your HOA’s Benefits

As an HOA management company in Charlotte, Raleigh-Durham, and other communities across North Carolina and South Carolina, Community Association Management helps HOA board members build stronger communities full of homeowners who understand and appreciate their efforts to move the community forward.  In short: we understand the value your association brings to the table and we will help you spread that message to your community. The Problem: About 90% of homeowners do not read their HOA Governing Documents or attend board meetings. They don’t understand what your association does or how it helps them. In fact, they may only be focused on the downside to living in an association community – the monthly HOA membership fee. A lack of awareness about what you do and the value you provide can create problems for everyone, including homeowners, property managers, board members, and developers.  Our Solution: We’ve discovered that the fault isn’t in the message, but the platform. Governing Documents aren’t enough. To increase engagement, you need a warmer, friendlier way of sharing your HOA’s method, and what way could possibly be more effective than a video? Community Association Management has created an orientation video that is not only more effective at spreading the word than your Governing Documents, but is also much more enjoyable to engage with.

Welcome New Neighbors with our Free Video Orientation

Our New Homeowner Orientation video is available to your community members on our Associations Websites. When your new neighbors receive welcome packages, they’ll learn how to watch this video and learn more about what your association can do for them. As you increase homeowner awareness, you’ll often increase the number of homeowners who are willing, and even excited, to work with you and be more engaged in your neighborhood. Want a preview? To get an idea of the resources your HOA receives when you team up with Community Association Management, watch our sample below:


 The video includes Subtitles in Spanish.

The full video that our members receive includes:
  1. Introduction
  2. Purpose and Authority of the HOA
  3. Architectural (ARC) Guidelines and Review Process
  4. Condominiums and the ARC Process
  5. Declaration of Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions (CC&R’s)
  6. The Developer’s Role in New Communities
  7. Who Runs Your Association?
  8. Board Meetings
  9. Annual Meetings
  10. HOA Assessments
  11. The HOA Budget
  12. HOA Rules and Enforcement
  13. Participation in Your HOA
  14. Summary

Partner with the Pros

Do you need help engaging your neighbors in your HOA? We have extensive experience in community management, and we love to share our secrets. Contact Community Association Management at (888) 565-1226 for a free consultation with one of our team members and learn more about the community association management services we provide in North Carolina and South Carolina.