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Partnerships and Acquisitions

At Community Association Management, we’re proud to be the established leader in community association management. We began this company to fill a need we experienced firsthand. Years ago, we were association board members who saw an opportunity for associations to work smarter, to work better. Today, we’re the Carolinas’ leading association management company that has set the pace for the industry.

And we’re continually growing. We’re looking to establish partnerships or to acquire other association management companies in Raleigh-Durham, Charlotte, and other communities across North and South Carolina. These can be companies of any size.

We seek to create mutually beneficial arrangements through these partnerships and acquisitions. For companies seeking an exit strategy—either eventual or immediate—we offer a willingness to work around your time frame and terms. You can feel confident trusting our experienced group to give your customers high-quality, transparent solutions to solve their management needs.

Community Association Management provides premier management services for POAs, HOAs, condo associations, and business and amenity communities throughout South Carolina and North Carolina. If you’re an owner of a local association management company and would like to capitalize on an upcoming pivot or partnership, we invite you to contact us at acquisitions@CommunityAssociationManagement.com. We treat all communications as confidential and can provide a signed confidentiality agreement on request.