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Professional Excellence Your Community Can Count On

We feel deep admiration for people who serve as board members, trustees, and leaders with community associations. The roles bring a great deal of responsibility, with financial and social consequences for an entire community. They require continuing education on regulations and laws, specialized expertise, and a strict attention to detail. Impressively, most of these roles are volunteer positions filled by people with already-packed schedules. 

That’s why we feel a calling to support you.

We want you to experience a fulfilling sense of leadership. Let us keep track of changing regulations and offer guidance on specialized issues. By allowing our credentialed team to support your association’s work, you can spend less time being a board member and more time being a neighbor. 

More than 90% of community association (HOA) board members prefer a management company with property managers who have the required education and experience to earn professional credentials.

The Expertise Your Board Needs

Community Association Management leads the way in HOA management services by providing reliable and expert-level guidance on matters that matter to board members—including reserves, maintenance, insurance, budgets, governance, contracts, and industry standards and regulations. Our qualified community and property managers ease the burdens of board members and protect property values by handling the business of association management. 

Managing community associations is complicated, with many legal and social implications – not something that should be done by the seat of your pants.

A Commitment to Experience and Innovation

More than 90% of HOA board members prefer working with property managers who have advanced education and professional credentials. At Community Association Management, those standards are simply our baseline. Our specialists have earned, at minimum, the Certified Manager of Community Associations (CMCA®) credential. The CMCA certification sets the standard for association management and ensures board members are provided with specialist-level guidance and from experts who remain current on best practices, issues, and trends within the industry.

Earning a CMCA requires a commitment to professional and personal advancement. To earn this designation, managers must pass the board exam administered by the Community Association Managers International Certification Board (CAMICB) and have at least two years of verified experience in financial, administrative, and facilities management. They must also fulfill additional obligations, including routine recertifications and continuing education, in topics including:

  • Facilities management
  • Association communications
  • Community leadership
  • Community governance
  • Risk management
  • Financial management

The Advantage of CMCA-Certified Managers

CMCA-certified managers have experience offering professional guidance on a wide range of issues. They understand the nuances of this industry, and they’ve seen firsthand what practices work best. By working with our team, you can get assistance on topics including:

  • Working with board members and residents
  • Preparing budgets and financial reports
  • Performing site inspections
  • Enforcing association rules
  • Understanding critical legal obligations
  • Selecting and supervising contractors
  • Understanding insurance requirements
  • Directing association employees and volunteers
  • Communicating with residents
  • Collaborating with local officials
  • Building a strong sense of community

In addition to upholding and sharing our own company values and missions, our managers also abide by the strict code of conduct outlined by CAI’s Professional Manager Code of Ethics. This gives our clients the peace of mind that comes with knowing we act with integrity and transparency in all we do.

Boost Your Association’s Impact

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