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Meeting Moment – Annual Meetings

Annual meeting time is just around the corner.  For board presidents who don’t have much experience moderating meetings, that annual meeting can be the most intimidating thing on your calendar.  Well, maybe the MOST intimidating thing is the idea of moderating that annual meeting with “Mrs. Jones”, a formidable retiree who’s a stickler for proper procedure, sitting front and center as she does every year.  She likes to make motions, objections, and often ties the meeting up in knots.

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CA: Who’s moving in next door?

In a once tight-knit neighborhood people are now divided by the proposal. Allow their old neighbor to house developmentally disabled people or risk friendship and family in the name of personal safety.

Authors: Community Associations Network National

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Best Practices for a Smooth Budget Process

Does your association have a budget? If it does, how is it prepared? Is it even followed? Here, we provide tips for creating a budget process that works well for nearly all associations.

 Know fundamentals first

Start your budget process by understanding why budgeting is important. Aside from the obvious benefit of creating a well-run association, having a solid budgeting process helps protect the value and marketability of your association’s units. Without it, lenders may be unwilling to lend for the purchase of a unit or to the association, and buyers may feel burdened and walk away because they don’t want to assume the fallout of bad decision-making in prior years.

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