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Fair Debt Collection

Since assessments are fees for maintenance and use of utilities and not consumer debt, many association board members wonder if their communities are subject to the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA).  Some may be surprised to learn most state and federal courts consider assessments to be "debts" according to this definition:  A debt...

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VA loan doesn’t exempt home from HOA rules

Michael Hunter Q. I am a retired military veteran on disability. Despite three requests for a copy of my HOA’s bylaws and restrictive covenants, the board has not responded. I was able to obtain a copy of the covenants through other means. Now the board has found me in violation of various covenants and threatened to fine…

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Meeting Moment – Annual Meetings

Annual meeting time is just around the corner.  For board presidents who don’t have much experience moderating meetings, that annual meeting can be the most intimidating thing on your calendar.  Well, maybe the MOST intimidating thing is the idea of moderating that annual meeting with “Mrs. Jones”, a formidable retiree who’s a stickler for proper procedure, sitting front and center as she does every year.  She likes to make motions, objections, and often ties the meeting up in knots.

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If You Had a Hammer

Get down to brass tacks (not to mention green dollars) with a comprehensive maintenance and repair plan.


A 264-unit high-rise condominium community in Alexandria, Virginia, recently imposed a special assessment of almost $9,500 per unit to fund a $4-million exterior repair project. The project concentrated on repairing spalled concrete on balconies and refinishing stained and discolored window units.

Why was such a basic project performed on such a grand scale, with such a huge price tag? Lack of regular maintenance. The community had failed to maintain cementitious coatings on the balcony decks and ledges, to replace deteriorated non-shrink grout around balcony railings, or to periodically clean windows, resulting in sand from the brick veneer reacting with and staining window glazing.

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