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To Appoint or not to Appoint

The Rules for Appointing Members to Your HOA Board of Directors

One of your home owners association board members has been removed or resigned. How should you appoint a replacement, and what aspects of the process must be public or at least disclosed to members? Here’s the lowdown.

Look for Procedural Guidance

Say it with us: Check your governing documents and state law before you make any moves.

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What to Consider When You Appoint a New HOA Director

Your well-oiled HOA board machine can sometimes lose essential parts. On occasion, your board will face resignations or, sadly, even deaths of its members. If your governing documents are like the vast majority, your board will be required to appoint a new member, who will serve until your next HOA election.

What should you and your fellow board members consider when you’re deciding whom to appoint? Should it be someone who’s run unsuccessfully for the board before? Should it be an ally of the majority? Should it be someone who’s never volunteered for association activities before? Here, we offer guidance on the factors to consider.

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