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IN: Family outraged after HOA asks them to remove sign supporting U.S. Army

It has been 10 years since the war in Afghanistan started, and a Plainfield family thinks people are becoming desensitized. They posted a small sign of support in their yard for their son, who is in Afghanistan with the U.S. Army. They were asked to take it down by their homeowner’s association. Fox 59 is taking action to find out why.


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The President’s Job Description

Serving in the role of HOA president is not an easy job. It is one that demands leadership and exemplary skills in presiding over meetings. Many HOA’s are registered as non-profit corporations and in turn, the president can be thought of as the CEO of the corporation, (serving of course in a voluntary capacity without pay). Perhaps more importantly, he or she is elected by the membership to serve the community and elected by the board to lead the board through challenging situations and decisions.

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