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Car Trouble

Are parking problems causing your residents to erupt in road rage? Maybe you need to review your rules.

It’s the dead of night.  Suddenly, the silence is shattered by shouts and the sounds of running feet.  Is it a robbery? A drive-by shooting? No. It’s a confrontation between a resident a tow truck driver.

Many association leaders know all too well that conflicts over parking spaces can elicit strong emotional responses, resulting in keyed paint, flattened tires, spray-painted graffiti on the board president’s car, angry phone and e-mail messages and sometimes even physical altercations.

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Condo parking space hog


Q. A homeowner in our association has been parking a vehicle with no tag in one of his two parking spaces for over three years. He has two other drivable vehicles taking up parking spaces in the guest parking area. Our rules state that uninspected, unregistered, unlicensed, abandoned or junk vehicles are not permitted on condominium property and further, that no vehicle may be stored on the common or limited common property. What can be done about this?

Part of the answer to your question depends on whether an owner’s assigned parking spaces are deeded to the owner along with his unit, or if they are common elements.If the spaces are deeded, then the association’s board, by itself, cannot impose additional restrictions on the use of those deeded spaces on top of whatever restrictions are already in the declaration. Adding additional restrictions to property owned by the homeowner would require an amendment to your declaration, approved by at least two-thirds of the voting power in the association.

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