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The Mortgage Muddle

The Federal Housing Administration (FHA) in December 2010 began enforcing new rules on condominium lending, easing some of the tougher provisions that were first proposed. But the new rules still require careful inspection by condominium associations and unit owners as well as potential buyers. 

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Announcing our NEW Rental/Lease Cap Management Service


With the implementation of the latest requirements from the Federal Housing Administration (FHA) requiring that rentals be under a certain percentage of the total number of units/homes in Homeowners Associations and Condominium Associations for buyers to qualify for FHA backed loans, many communities have opted to amend their governing documents to institute a Rental or Lease Cap.

Community Association Management has developed a new service in response to the need for administrative management of these rental caps. This service is designed to take the burden off of the board in managing and assist in the enforcement of the rental cap.

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