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Letters to the HOA Board of Directors: Can–and Should–You Publish Them?

A growing number of homeowners association boards are attaching copies of all the letters board members receive to the that are distributed. Their reasoning is that the letters inform members of issues in the association and show them the grief–and expense–that some unreasonable owners cause board members and HOAs. Good or bad idea? Our experts…

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FL: Low condo values hurting area cities

Condo values in Volusia have fallen further and faster than single-family homes, with median sales prices losing nearly two-thirds of their peak value before starting to stabilize recently.
That’s bad news in cities where condos are a big part of the tax base.

Authors: Community Associations Network National

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Its a Bad Idea to Hire Residents for HOA Work…

By Mike Huntermike_hunter

Attorney Michael Hunter specializes in community and condominium association law for the firm of Horack Talley

Question: Our condo bylaws state that “directors shall serve without compensation.” Last October our HOA board contracted with a homeowner who is also a director for the community’s lawn maintenance contract. In addition, the same director/homeowner was to receive compensation for handling complaints, getting quotes for work to be done, etc. Our board president also recommended that our secretary/treasurer be given an exemption from paying monthly HOA assessments, which was approved by the board. Now another homeowner/director is bidding for the housekeeping contract. Are we in violation of our bylaws with any of these three directors? We are paying for a service with the lawn maintenance, housekeeping, and complaint resolution, but can we consider the secretary/treasurer position to be a service? We have never compensated any HOA officers in the past.

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