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First and foremost as Board member of a POA, we never need to worry about back office stuff like, A/P, taxes, legal issues, utility service, etc. Also our community manager is like an extension of our POA Board!

RFiegel - Carrington POA,

Knowing that I can send a request or ask a question and have someone respond quickly to either.

D.Soberl - Wyndmoor At The Park,

Since our community is small and does not really have a lot of extra amenities, it helps to have a company that can advise on the best way to keep our property value up, safe and offer new ways to explore how to make our community more enjoyable to live in by working together.

S. Harris - Pine Glenn,

“Community Association Management is extremely thorough and knowledgeable in their approach to business. They are also very timely in their communications. They have saved our community a lot of money. When they first approached us and told us how much we could save by working with them, we thought the promise was ‘too good to be true’. They have more than delivered on that promise and more.”