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HOA Training and Development Programs

Continuing education is essential for any professional, no matter the industry. Staying current on technology, industry standards and regulations gives professionals a competitive edge—and teaches them to avoid looming pitfalls. 

At Community Association Management, we believe that expertise never rests. Our clients come to us because they believe that, too. We view HOA board members as professionals, even if many clients serve their duties as volunteers. The business you manage is vital to the operations of your community, so we arm you with the training you need to boost those operations. 

Our team sees, firsthand, the difference in boards who show a commitment to learning best practice operations within the community association industry. These are the boards who create future-oriented decisions and anticipate challenges before they become problems. They manage efficiently and proactively. For this reason, we empower clients with training and development programs to give them this edge.

Keep Your Board’s Skills Sharp

Community Association Management offers comprehensive board member training at affordable prices. It’s a cost-effective, convenient way for board members—both new and experienced—to keep up with the ever-changing laws and governing regulations of the industry.

Topics we offer for board training include:

  • How to Read Your Financial Statements
  • Board Training for New Members
  • Understanding Your Reserve Fund
  • New Legislation Seminars
  • Budgeting for Associations

These seminars are open to all board members who wish to gain valuable knowledge on timely topics. Held at our state-of-the-art training facility or through virtual platforms, our seminars typically last one to two hours. We include a Q&A session so that we can relate the information to your community’s unique circumstances.

Social distancing? We can bring our classroom to you through online education sessions for even greater convenience and turnout.

Elevate Your HOA Through Board Education

If you’d like to bring your association management in North Carolina or South Carolina to new level of professionalism, call (888) 565-1226 to connect with one of our team members and learn about our educational programs. Strengthen your community association management services with essential training that will make a difference for your board and your neighbors.

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