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Operating a homeowner association carries with it many of the very same duties and

Complimentary Board Member Tool Kit Coverresponsibilities as overseeing any other business. Serving as a board member is a valuable and rewarding experience that should be undertaken by those who see it as an opportunity to serve their fellow neighbors while protecting and enhancing the assets of the community. It is serious business, but also a task worth doing well in order to safeguard the investments of all.

To help you in this endeavor, we are making available a free Board Member Toolkit from Community Associations Institute. This valuable resource for community association volunteer leaders provides a free overview of what you need to know on a wide variety of governance issues. It includes sample forms, checklists and notices, most of which can be adapted for use in your community.

The Tool Kit is just one of the resources that can help you be a successful and respected leader. If you can’t find what you need in this guide, call us toll free at (888) 565-1226 and we will be glad to assist your community.