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Additional Services We Offer

Additional Community Management Services

Top HOA Solutions for your community or condo association.

These a la carte community management services allow us to address very specific community needs as they arise.

Ranging from Rental Cap Management to community studies now needed for FHA approvals, Community Association Management has the expertise you need to keep your community on track.

Rental Cap Management

Making certain your community complies with Federal Housing Administration (FHA) rental caps can make a world of difference for potential buyers seeking FHA loans. However, managing community rental caps can be a huge administrative headache. Community Service Management has experts on staff to take this burden off of your HOA board. We manage and assist in rental cap enforcement while also providing functions such as maintaining an approved rental and waiting list and performing criminal and background checks on potential tenants.  Put our knowledge to work for your community.

Capital Project Management Services

During the different phases of Association capital projects, owners, contractors and also board members deal with a wide range of concerns. The project has to stay on schedule and within the projected budget, and the quality of the work has to be assured. Consequently, a reliable third-party company with extensive experience in the field of project management and project coordination is of utmost importance. With our superior staff of specialists and access to a wide range of service professionals, Community Association Management provides independent expertise, oversight, and advice for Capital Project Management makes us the perfect partner for HOA Management Services.

FHA Project Approval Facilitation

Did you know that over 80% of first time homebuyers are using FHA loans to purchase their homes? This means more than ever it is essential for your condominium community HOA to be FHA-approved to maintain maximum marketability. Simply stated, if your HOA does not meet HUD approval, potential buyers will not have access to FHA loans and thus will likely purchase elsewhere.

At Community Association Management, we can take the confusion out of the HUD-approval process as part of our HOA solutions. The approval ratio is currently less than 50% nationwide. Much of this is due to incorrect document submission or inadequate process knowledge. Put the process in our hands and we’ll take care of the rest.

Credit Reporting Services – Exclusive New Service!

Delinquencies drain time and resources away from other important tasks.  Decrease your delinquency rates and improve your Associations cash flow.  Reduce or eliminate increases in assessments due to high delinquencies. We are empowered with a credit industry-standard collection tool that impacts property owners’ credit reports and credit scores.  Rewards timely payment with positive impact to credit reports.  Late payments and delinquent balances are reported to the 3 major credit bureaus and remain on the owners’ credit report for 7 years. (Watch a pre-recorded webinar on this new service)

Reserve Studies

Unsure if your community has adequate reserve funds to cover future property needs properly? A well-prepared reserve study by Community Association Management can help put answer that question and give residents peace-of-mind that a solid plan is in place to address ongoing and future community needs.

Selling non-resident memberships to your community pool can be a great source of income. However, facilitating sales and tracking members can be a time-consuming and thankless task. Community Association Management can take care of Outside Pool Membership Management from start to finish. We take the calls, collect the fees, maintain current pool member rosters and even distribute the necessary pool passes…leaving your board members plenty of time to enjoy the pool themselves.

Condo Move In/ Move Out Service

When residents move in and out of interior corridor condominiums, significant property damage can occur to common areas and hallways. Insure moves go smoothly for everyone with our Move In/Out Service.

We will provide staff members to install elevator pads, assist in elevator operation, secure utility and cable provider access and conduct a final damage inspection of association common areas.

Gate and Pool Access Management

When it comes to managing access cards and keys for community gates and amenities, having a single point of contact makes life easier for everyone. From issuing and programming new cards to facilitating replacements, we take care of it all. No more middle of the night or weekend calls for board members over lost keys.

To learn about the service packages Community Association Management offers, and our commitment to quality service and customer satisfaction, visit our Compare Our Solution packages page.

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