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When our new HOA was looking for a management company, several places that we contacted wouldn’t even give us the time of day because our community is so small that we weren’t worth their time and effort. In contrast, KDK Property Management (now part of Community Association Management) has provided our HOA with over a year of great service at an unbeatable price! The employees have frequently gone above and beyond the terms of our contract to protect the best interests of our neighborhood. For example, on a routine walk-through of the subdivision, Joy noticed that the siding on several houses was beginning to warp and melt. Even though the HOA is not responsible for house maintenance, KDK contacted the neighborhood developer with a list of affected homes and negotiated an agreement. As a result of your efforts on the homeowners’ behalf, the builder is coming back to fix all of the siding issues free of charge! KDK & Community Association Management was definitely the right choice for our community, and I would like to express my personal gratitude for their exceptional service. Thanks so much for everything!


Hilary WadePresidentLaurel Village HOA

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