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Category Archives: Fair Housing

Home Owners Associations: Beware of the Fair Housing Act When Enforcing Pet Prohibitions and Restrictions

Adam BeaudoinMany planned communities, townhome communities, and condominiums (collectively, "Associations" since they are nearly universally governed by one) have restrictions that either prohibit or limit the number, size, and type of pets that can be kept within the community.  In general, as long as a restriction...
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All’s Fair

Fair HousingWhat community association boards and managers need to know about the federal Fair Housing Act. Ajit Bhogaita, an Air Force veteran suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder, was prescribed an emotional support animal by his physician to help him cope with chronic anxiety and depression. The dog exceeded the 25-pound...
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Departments of Housing and Urban Development and Justice Release New Guidance on ‘Reasonable Modifications’ Under the Fair Housing Act

New guidance released  this week by the Departments of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) and Justice (DOJ) reinforced the right of persons with disabilities to make  “reasonable modifications” to their dwellings if a structural change to their dwelling or to a common area of the building or complex in which they  live is needed so that they can fully enjoy the premises. 
     The guidance is designed to help housing providers and homeowners’ associations better understand their obligations and help persons with disabilities better understand their rights regarding the “reasonable
modifications” provision of the federal Fair Housing Act (FHA). 

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